Top hotels in Cameron Highlands

Century Pines A family-oriented hotel and resort in Tanah Rata which is affordable and complete with standard amenities and facilities. There are various types of rooms available with in-house Jacuzzi and sauna here.

Strawberry Park Resort One of the most historical establishments here with its Tudor white-and-black walls. Strawberry Park Resorts has a very beautiful flower garden and children’s playground and very comfortable rooms.

Best Apartments in Brinchang and Tanah Rata

Crown Imperial Court The highest complex in Brinchang that overlooks the town centre and beyond. Apartment units here are very affordable which are very convenient and steps away from the pasar malam and convenient stores.

Greenhill Resort Made up of a collection of apartment complexes which are not too high. The unique design of the buildings make Greenhill Resort a homely and comfortable place to stay where you can enjoy kitchen and dining facilities, among others.

Hotels in Brinchang

Hotel Remix Very convenient hotel in Brinchang which is along the row of shops of the town centre. Rooms here are tastefully decorated to offer maximum comfort while you enjoy the convenience of being within walking distance to nearby amenities.

Snooze and Snooze Too Hotel Both hotels come with unique designed rooms. They operate in very convenient locations in Brinchang where you can practically walk to restaurants, shops and others.

Parkland Apartment and Parkland Express Parkland Hotel offers a budget accommodation option if you intend to stay in Brinchang town. Offering 30 rooms, you will enjoy standard facilities like TV and hot shower. Parkland Express is the sister hotel which is very economical and convenient as well.

Silverstar Hotel This hotel offers you affordable rooms and a variety of appliances within the town of Brinchang. It is highly convenient and you can easily get to nearby eateries and fast-food chains from here.

Rainbow Hotel The colourful signage will attract you towards this hotel which is sandwiched within the shops of Brinchang town. There are more than 30 rooms available in Rainbow Hotel which are affordable and come in a variety of sizes.

YTS Hotel – In Brinchang, rooms here are very clean and affordable. They all come with contemporary design and outlook while you can enjoy the amazing sights of the surroundings of the town centre here.

Iris House Hotel and Iris House Resort Iris House Hotel offers budget and value-for-money rooms in Brinchang. The Iris House Resort meanwhile is where you can enjoy apartments that come with more amenities and facilities perfect for small groups of families and friends, located right beside the Cameron Highlands Golf Course.

Country Lodge Resort You can spot this resort in Brinchang town through its large signage. There are rooms available for all group sizes or you can opt for the suites. 2 or 3-room apartment units are available for rent which are fully furnished with home appliances like cooking equipment and dining rooms.

Star Regency Hotel This hotel is one of the taller structures in Brinchang. You will surely enjoy the beautiful sights of the surroundings of the town centre. Staying here means you enjoy maximum convenience at your doorstep and the in-house furnishings.

Kavy Hotel Boutique A modern hotel in Brinchang Point which you cannot miss at the corner of the shops. Friendly staff and fully-furnished rooms await you which are affordable and great for small groups of guests. Click Here

Hotel Green Garden One of the more established hotels in Brinchang, Hotel Green Garden is ideal for small families and if you are not looking for something too extravagant. Convenience is the main factor here where you can find restaurants and sundry shops from the doorstep of the hotel.

Kamani Hotel(Muslim Hotel) One of the few hotels in Cameron Highlands catered specifically for Muslim travellers. Book a room here and be rest assured to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Rosa Passadena One of the largest budget hotels in Cameron Highlands, the Rosa Passadena is conveniently situated in the heart of Brinchang that provides you with a string of facilities and top-notch services.

Titiwangsa Hotel This hotel is an economical place to stay if you are looking for convenience and comfort without paying too much. It is in Brinchang on top of a row of shops and very near to the cafes and restaurants.

Jasmine Hotel A large signboard welcomes you to this hotel in Brinchang town. Restaurants are just below the hotel where it offers 72 tastefully decorated rooms with complete set of appliances.

Mountain House Hotel This hotel offers modern living in the heart of Brinchang town. The budget hotel operates above their restaurant and is within walking distance to nearby shops and amenities.

Natasya Resort A popular place to stay among travellers, Natasya Resort’s walk-up units are very well maintained and catered to those looking for a simple and comfortable stay in Cameron Highlands.

Smurf Inn Offering some of the most uniquely designed rooms, Smurf Inn will be an amazing place to stay if you are looking for an unforgettable trip with comfortable rooms and specular sights of the highlands. Designed to be a homely place, you will enjoy the surroundings which are among the most scenic ones around.

Tanah Rata Hotels

Hotel De La Ferns Offering 75 comfortable rooms for you to choose, Hotel De’ La Ferns hotel is not far from the golf course where you can enjoy the sights of the greens and the surroundings.

Cameron Highlands Resort Perhaps the most established resort in Cameron Highlands. In the resort, you can enjoy a wide variety of facilities and in-house entertainment including sports courts and swimming pool. The golf course here is of international standard and offers an amazing backdrop to play the game.

Planters Country Hotel You can choose from more than 30 rooms available here. This is a boutique hotel which is very modern that gives you a variety of facilities. Rooms here are very beautifully designed to exude contemporary outlook for the modern traveller.

Hillview Inn Staying here gives you the impression that you are in a homely place. 24 rooms are available to choose from which are all fully equipped with standard amenities and a great environment for the perfect holiday.

Heritage Hotel This place is one of the larger establishments in Cameron Highlands. Operating in Tanah Rata, Heritage Hotel has over 200 rooms available in various sizes. All units here are tastefully decorated for maximum comfort and convenience while you can enjoy the in-house café and restaurant as well.

E Resort Away from the noise and crowded areas of the towns, E Resort is a great place to stay if you like to enjoy nature’s best. The resort operates in Bertam Valley where the Tudor outlook gives you a genuine feeling of the countryside with the cooling weather.

Kea Farm

Terra Treehouse – Treehouses made by aboriginals. Structures are made from wood with the natural surroundings as your backdrop, you will surely have an unforgettable experience here but be prepared for some surprises like wild animals if you are not ready.

Copthorne Hotel – One of the top luxurious hotels here, it is a full-service accommodation option where you can enjoy all the facilities and services of the highest standard. There are all types of rooms available which come with attached bathroom and hot shower facilities. Besides that, you can book either the 1, 2 or 3-bedroom apartments catered for larger groups. Facilities here include swimming pool, gymnasium, spa and karaoke, among others.

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