Top 30 Restaurants in Cameron Highlands

FU Guang Vegetarian Restaurant

Looking for an amazing restaurant in Cameron Highlands is not hard, but some definitely stand out above the rest. Fu Guang Vegetarian Restaurant offers amazing fare with wonderful local flavors located in Brinchang, close to the night market. FU Guang Vegetarian Restaurant has amazing vegetarian steamboats that have amazing flavors that comes with an option of clear soup or Tom yam soup which are both delicious and complimentary to the steamboat. The best part of FU Guang Vegetarian Restaurant is the amazing options of flavors and levels of spices. The meals are hearty, healthy, and have the freshest of ingredients. We recommend trying the amazing fried noodles. The décor of FU Guang Vegetarian Restaurant is very inviting and fun. The restaurant is also very clean and full of vibrant colors. The staff is very professional and give amazing recommendations based on your tastes. Make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing flavors, awesome portions, and healthy food of FU Guang Vegetarian Restaurant. You definitely will love the awesome vegetarian cuisine and won’t find any restaurant like it nearby. Make sure you check out the nearby night market as well, it is definitely full of lots of fun and local shopping.

Hong Kong Restaurant Tanah Rata

If you are looking for an amazing dining experience then you need to try the Hong Kong Restaurant located in the beautiful city of Tanah Rata. This restaurant offers amazing dishes that you cook yourself in a nice hotpot of stock. You can cook amazing thin slices of meat, prawns, fresh mushrooms, vegetables, and noodles. Dip this amazing food in a fresh chili and soy sauce that will really enhance the flavor of the food. The staff is very wonderful and professional. The own Ms. Angie is great at suggesting amazing dishes and making sure that you feel very welcomed. Ms. Angie give an excellent recommendation of braised tofu, sweet and sour pork, prawns, and amazing locally grown oyster mushrooms. Make sure you try the fried rice, many locals say this restaurant has the best fried rice around. Many of the locals suggest you try the marmite chicken saying that it has the best flavors they have ever tasted. The prices at Home Kong Restaurant are very affordable and you definitely get great portions. You will definitely be satisfied if you give Hong Kong Restaurant a try and don’t forget to say hi to Ms. Angie, she’s definitely the star of the restaurant.

Silverstar Steamboat Restaurant

Silverstar Restaurant is the only place where you get to enjoy a buffet style steamboat of vegetables which are freshly sourced from the local farms here. This includes mushrooms, green and leafy vegetables like cabbage and such, tofu as well as fresh seafood like fish and prawns. Besides that, you get to enjoy mushroom balls, meat balls, sotong balls, the ever popular Foo-Chok and many others. Apart from charcoal steamboat, you can opt to order chinese dishes to eat with rice. Silverstar’s chefs are known to cook up some very delicious sweet and sour pork, honey chicken, seafood platter, curry fish head and their choices of fried noodles like Hokkien Mee, Wat Dan Hor and Cantonese Fried Noodles. Located in the heart of Brinchang town, you get to enjoy the weather, great food and an excellent night view of the town centre here. For a different dining experience, you might want to try out their barbecue steamboat but is only available through advanced booking online or call-in as prior preparations would be required. Contact Info: Name: Cameron Highlands Steamboat Address: 10 Brinchang, Jalan Besar Cameron Highlands Pahang Phone: +60 5-491 1387


The KouGen Japanese Restaurant is one of the latest additions to the eateries in Cameron Highlands. Located in Tanah Rata, KouGen offers a different dining experience if you are looking for Japanese food besides the usual local steamboat and Chinese cuisine. KouGen can be easily located beside the bank here where you get to enjoy a healthy mix of oriental and western cuisine.
Rated as one of the best cafes in Cameron Highlands, KouGen is an interesting place to eat especially if you want to enjoy this type of cuisine. That which makes KouGen such a unique place is that it is apparently owned and run by a Japanophile from Kuala Lumpur which means that despite its dominantly Japanese persona, there is some local elements in it as well.
Whether it is a full meal or something light, KouGen has a lot to offer because this new restaurant provides a mixture of traditional and ‘not-so-traditional’ dishes. If you are here for a light meal, try the starters in the menu which includes Yakitori or the Japanese-style croquettes. Otherwise, you can opt for Shishamo or its impressive list of sushi and tempura. Otherwise, they provide pork bibimbap, lamb stew, minced beef and pork steak which are usually served with rice and soup.

Cameron Organic Produce

Looking for delicious fare that is tasty, organic, and healthy? Then you definitely need to try Cameron Organic Produce which is a steamboat restaurant. This is a small restaurant that will enable you to have a lovely atmosphere while dining. All of Cameron Organic Produce’s vegetables are homegrown and organic. Cameron Organic Produce has three menus of very tasty savory fare. The Veggie Steamboat is amazing with lots of bold flavors, fresh vegetables and an amazing offering of mushrooms tofu and fresh eggs and noddles. If you want some added flavor to your already bold dish everyone is amazed by the amazing veggie oyster and chili sauces available to dining guests. If you are looking for more protein Cameron Organic Produce offers amazing squid chicken, and prawns. With the large portions, amazing prices, and fresh flavors you definitely do no want to miss this restaurant. It is been operating since 1999 and has consistently served the freshest ingredients in Malaysia. In fact, Cameron Organic Produce is so highly regarded that if you are going to go for dinner you need to make sure that you make reservations early on in the day because it gets very packed in the evenings.

May Flower Restaurant

May Flower Restaurant offers an amazing infusion of Singapore and Malaysian flavors. This restaurant located in the beautiful town of Tanah Rata is definitely worth a visit when looking for a nice fulfilling meal. The hotpot for meat, fish and vegetables is amazing and sure to please your palette. The vegetables for the hot pots are very fresh and locally grown. The fried rice that accompanies the meals is served fresh and has a lot of amazing bold flavors. Many locals recommend the Tom Yam saying that it is the best in the area and they also say that if you are looking for an amazing dining experience to try the steamboat that is very exciting and fun. The restaurant has some nice outside dining options so you can enjoy a relaxing meal enjoying the nice weather outside. This is definitely a diamond hidden in Cameron that you do not want to miss. With the amazing friendly and professional staff, the vibrant atmosphere, and the amazing food you will not be disappointed. The May Flower Restaurant is also very affordable, so this is definitely going to enable you to have a nice meal, get full, and save some money while out visiting Cameron Highlands.

If you are looking for a nice cozy place to dine then you definitely need to try out Gonbei. This restaurant offers amazing Chinese and Malaysian cuisine that is wonderfully cooked. You can either eat from the buffet or have your meal cooked table side which offers you a very unique dining experience. The staff at Gonbei is amazing.


They are very attentive and kind. Gonbei offer the freshest vegetables you will taste. You should definitely try their amazing corn, broccoli, and carrots. All of their produce is fresh and organically grown. If you are looking for some great protein then try the herbal chicken and use some of the amazing ingredients from the condiment bar. You need to save room for dessert at Gonbei. With the amazing choice of fresh fruit to amazing pastries you won’t want to miss dessert. This is definitely a dining experience that you don’t want to miss.

Ferm Nyonya

If you want to try to most authentic Malaysian food around you definitely need to try the Ferm Nyonya. This is the only restaurant in all of Tanah Rata that serves Nyonya.  This restaurant gives the most amazing fresh ingredients and dishes that you will ever taste. Whether you are looking for a great meal or just to have a smaller meal you going to find something you love. The most recommended far that Ferm Nyonya offers are the Japanese Tofu sizzling style, the yong chow friend rice, the nyonya fried rice, the fish fillet nyonya curry, and the beef rendang. Nyonya is a local cuisine and you won’t find any better nyonya around.
The chef uses delicious spices such as star-anise, nutmeg, lemon grass, and ginger. You can also get halal traditional Nyonya while visiting Ferm Nyonya. If you aren’t a fan of nyonya then you can try the amazing steamboat with an awesome selection of seafood, meat, veggies, and noodles. The staff at Ferm Nyonya are very courteous and professional. Ferm Nyona has a great atmosphere and the restaurant is immaculate. You definitely will not be disappointed with your dining experience after experiencing the amazing flavors and great portions.

Uncle Chow Kopitiam

Upon visiting Uncle Chow Kopitiam you will be greeted by the warm Uncle and Auntie chow. The smell of the delicious food will immediately cause your stomach to start rumbling. The restaurant is very clean and a perfect place to relax. Uncle Chow Kopitiam offer amazing Malaysian, Chinese, and Western Fare that definitely brings very bold flavors and fresh ingredients to your plate. Try the amazing Prawn Mee, Curry Laksa, Chicken Pie, Yam Cake, and Nasi Lemak. Many diners say that Uncle Chow Kopitiam is the best place in Tanah Rata to eat Kopi and Laksa. Every dish is meticulously cooked and served to perfection.
The atmosphere is very inviting and the staff is so friendly that you will feel like you amongst family not to mention they will give you excellent suggestions suited to your tastes. You definitely don’t want to miss this amazing home cooking with the most amazing local flavors you will find anywhere around. Make sure that you stop by to view the cozy little restaurant with it’s comfortable and clean dining area. If you do visit make sure that you check out the Kuhn-kuih display full of amazing snacks available for purchase. You definitely want to try to take home some Tonya Kuhn for later.

The Dining Room at Cameron Highlands Resort

If you are looking for outstanding food with amazing service then you definitely need to try The Dining Room at Cameron Highlands Resort. The staff is wonderful. They are very polite, offer excellent recommendations, and are very attentive. The atmosphere of the dining area is perfect. They have soft lighting, beautiful music, and very comfortable seating. Many even call the atmosphere serene and romantic.

The food at The Dining Room at Cameron Highlands Resort is elegant and delicious. If you are looking to try their best dish then you need to definitely try out the dancing prawns, the mushroom soup, and cod fish. All of their food is perfectly season and has great bursts of flavor. All of the food made is prepared from the freshest ingredients you will find and the presentation of the food is beautiful. The orange juice is freshly prepared and definitely worth trying out. While the prices may be higher, it is definitely worth the experience.

Hill Station Café

If you are looking for somewhere to eat with an amazing ambiance then you need to try Hill Station Cafe that is very relaxing and cozy. The Hill Station Café is located in Tanah Rata along Jalan Besar. Among all the eateries in Cameron Highlands, the Nasi Lemak here is among the most popular and is its main attraction here. Offering a full range of both eastern and western cuisine, you can enjoy its best-selling item in its menu besides its half-boiled eggs, sausages, baked beans, bacon and ham. Besides that, you can try out Hill Station Café’s Toast and chicken curry dip which is quite popular as well or the choices of toasts like butter, peanut butter and honey which can all be ordered for breakfast.

This beautiful cafe is located in the beautiful town of Tanah Rata. Hill Station Cafe offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their food is an infusion of amazing Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian flavors as well as some fare from the west.  Hill Station Cafe serves amazingly tasty food on beautifully decorated plates. Mainly locals recommend the Singapore noodles with chicken, the garlic naan, and the midnight Marsala chicken friend rice. For dessert the Cendol will leave you with the ending to a perfect dining experience. The Hill Station Cafe also offers an amazing assortment of fresh juices such as winter melon, carrot, and green apple plum only to name a few. The staff is very friendly and professional. They will definitely help you choose what you want to eat from the amazing menu. This is definitely the restaurant to go to when you are having trouble choosing what you would like to eat. With the huge variety of food and flavors you definitely won’t be disappointed. Make sure that you check out their daily specials to see what unique meals are up for offering.

Golfers Café @ Cameron Highlands Golf Course

The Golfers Café is located within the Cameron Highlands Golf Course which is just off Tanah Rata. It is a restaurant and café which is open to the public where you get to enjoy some of the best and delicious foods here. Golfers Café is operational daily from the wee hours of the morning until 10.00pm within its luxurious and spacious outlet.

Here, the restaurant can accommodate up to 200 people which is perfect not only for dining but for corporate functions and other events. At Golfers Café, you can enjoy a wide range of cuisines including local and western dishes like chops, pasta and sandwiches. Local dishes here include fried rice, curry and mee as well as all types of beverages. For an authentic local flavour, you can enjoy the steamboat that Golfers Café has to offer. Check in here for its full continental and local breakfast menu or enjoy its set lunch options. The Malaysian favourite Nasi Lemak comes in several choices while you can try out their laksa and mee soup. If you like to enjoy the weather with a sip of English tea, there are snacks and pastries available as well while a steamboat meal starts from RM28 per person.

Rosette, Tanah Rata

The Tom Yum soup is well flavored and served fresh.  All of the meat served at Rossette is very tasty and some of the most tender meat you will find in the area. Rossette also offers a variety of delicious desserts. The locals recommend that anyone visiting Rosette try the tom yum soup. They say the tom yum soup has a great blend of amazing sour and spicy that is very pleasing to the palate. The staff is very helpful and attentive to all of their guests. With the amazing choices available and the wonderful prices you definitely don’t want to miss an opportunity to eat at Rossette Tanah Rata.

Barracks Cafe, Tanah Rata

This lovely cafe is in a very unique location. Located in a military barrack built by the British during World War II you will find some of the most amazing Asian, Western, and fusion dishes around. The staff of the Barrack Cafe is very friendly and make very good recommendations on what dishes to try. Barracks Cafe does have some vegetarian dishes, so it is suitable for the whole family as well.

If you are looking to dine outside they have a very nice outside garden where you can enjoy your amazing food and have a place for your children to play. Make sure that you try out one of their scones or apple pie. Many patrons boast their baked goods as the best in the area. If you are looking for a more savory dish then try the teriyaki chicken burger or sweet and sour sesame chicken. You will definitely not be disappointed. Address: No 1,, Jalan Gereja, 39000 Tanah Rata Phone:011-1464 8883

KFC Cameron Highlands

KFC Restaurant is only one of Cameron Highlands’ numerous milestones in Cameron food. Secure the most reduced rates for your outing with at any lodging adjacent Restaurants and Cafes. An extensive variety of hotels and apartments are accessible in close proximity to KFC Restaurant Brinchang, from the amicable Golfer’s Cafe, Silverstar Restaurant to the rich Crown Imperial Court. Reservations for apartments near KFC Restaurant Brinchang are made simple by means of’s safe on-line booking structure. Convenience can be strategically placed on our Cameron Highlands city page, with easy to use look apparatuses and complete accommodation data. With more than 140 hotels & apartments in the highland, it’s anything but difficult to discover lodgings on close purposes of intrigues such as KFC Restaurant. Enjoy KFC in Cameron Highland!

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