Orang Asli Village in Cameron Highlands

One of the top tourist attractions in Cameron Highlands is at The Orang Asli Village. As the name implies, this is the Aborigine’s Village where you can visit the homes and communities of the people who has been here for many generations now.

Best traditional tour of the Orang Asli

The Orang Asli Village is located in Tanah Rata at Tapah Road. For anyone visiting Cameron Highlands, visiting the Orang Asli Village will truly be an eye-opener. This is because you will literally be travelling back in time although there has been a lot of modern development around the towns here.

Most of the Orang Asli here originated from the Semai tribe. They have been known to practice shifting cultivation for many decades now, something which they have since perfected. If you are looking for a place to be close to nature and be back to the traditions of who people lead their lives, then the Orang Asli Village would be your ideal choice. At the village, you will be able to dwell with the people here and to understand their way of living too.

Tour Operator and Guide to Orang Asli Village

If visiting the Orang Asli Village is part of your plans when visiting Cameron Highlands, then you need to make arrangements. This can be done by engaging a local tour operator. This is where a guide will bring you to the village while explaining to you certain practices and traditions. The guide will be the best person who can explain the heritage and history of the people to you.

There, you will be able to see the huts that are made from bamboo, perhaps one of the most important raw materials to the Orang Asli. Their homes sit on stilts with the addition of wood and large palm leaves. Unlike modern homes that require technology and other items, the Orang Asli does not need such equipment.

From Tanah Rata, you will need to travel for about 30 minutes to reach the settlement. You will be warmly welcomed into their community but try not to offend the local people there. Take time to learn about their trade and even try your hand at using blowpipes as well, among other things.

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