Cameron Highlands Important Information

Cameron Emergency Contacts

Police Station (Brinchang): +6 05-4911222 & +6 05-4914852
Police Station (Tanah Rata): +6 05-4915443
Police Station (Ringlet): +6 054956222
Hospital Cameron Highlands: +6 05-4911966
Hospital Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom: +6 05-4913333 / 05-4915435
Fire Station: +6 05-4911003 & +6 05-4914044
Pos Malaysia (Tanah Rata): +60 5-491 1051
Pos Malaysia (Ringlet): +60 5-495 6067
Cameron Highlands Tourism Office: +6 05-4914560
Taxi Service: +6 05-4912355
Bus Service:
Unititi Express -Tel:  +6 05-4911452 & +6 05-4914181
Kurnia Bistari Coaches-Tel:  +6 05-4911485 & +6 05-4911212

Breakdown services – car, truck, car repair, towing

cameron breakdown tow truck roadside aamIf you are self-driving around Cameron Highlands, ensure that you have telephone numbers and contacts of breakdown services for your vehicles. This includes services like car servicing, towing and trucking services. During the peak seasons, it is quite common for car breakdowns due to the jam and you will need the experts to come around to help when needed. Contact: Liu 0193921166, 0126511005(Phoon), 0163877710

Traffic condition in Cameron Highlands

The traffic flow around Cameron Highlands is quite consistent and standard. Basically, you can drive from Ringlet to Tanah Rata towards Brinchang before reaching the likes of Kea Farm if you are coming from Tapah. On the other end, you will come in from Simpang Pulai. It must be noted though that traffic congestion is very common during the peak season like school breaks and public holidays as well as during weekends.

Road Access and Parking

Driving around Cameron Highlands is very easy as there are roads leading through every major town of Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang. You can rent a car quite easily which is very affordable but take note that there are some roads that are quite narrow. Parking spaces are easily available at most locations but ensure that you are not obstructing traffic when you park.

Hotel rates and Apartment booking

As a major travel destination, you can find a lot of options when it comes to hotels and accommodation. From as low as RM20, you can stay in a dormitory with shared toilets and bathrooms. If you are looking for a more traditional stay, homestays are available from RM60 per night inclusive of meals.

For those who like more luxurious locations, you can stay at the top-class resorts and 5-star hotels which are costlier, often starting from RM250 per night. Bookings should be done as early as possible for cheaper rates. Peak seasons are when rates are higher while you will find that most hotels are fully booked during Saturdays and school holidays.

Petrol Stations in Cameron

cameron shell petrol stationThere are petrol stations located at the major towns for your convenient if you are driving on your own. The Shell station in Ringlet has the facilities for filling up fuel and other basic services. Meanwhile, you can find more amenities and facilities at the Shell station in Brinchang. Not far from the town centre is the Petronas station which is quite conveniently situated. There are no petrol station in Tanah Rata and other towns.

Cameron Safety Issue

Cameron Highlands is a great place to visit because it is one of the safest places around. The crime rate here is amongst the lowest as the public locations are quite small. You can go around on foot throughout the day without much to worry about. There is police presence everywhere with the main police station located in the prime locations.

Banks in Cameron

hong leong bank cameron highlandsBanks are found around the major towns here. At Ringlet, there is a CIMB Bank branch that provide basic financial services. In Tanah Rata, you can find Bank Simpanan Nasional, Hong Leong Bank, Bank Rakyat, Maybank and HSBC. Meanwhile, you can find Public Bank in Brinchang and another Maybank in Kampung Raja.

Tanah Rata:
– Maybank
– Bank Simpanan
– Hong Leong BanK
– CIMB Bank
– Bank Pertanian
Brinchang: Public Bank
Ringlet : CIMB Bank

Government agencies in Cameron Highlands

The Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Cameron Highlands is the primary agency involved in the management and maintenance of public infrastructure here. Other government agencies in Cameron Highlands include the government hospitals, police station and the Tourism Bureau which are located mostly in Tanah Rata. Besides that, you can find several public clinics and the Department of Agriculture and the Agro Technology Park operated by MARDI.


Working in Cameron Highlands can be quite enjoyable as there are a lot of opportunities. Hotels and restaurants are constantly looking for helpers while you can find jobs in the vegetable farms, nurseries and others. For those who prefer more stable working hours can find jobs as clerks, in administration or as despatch for the offices here.

Cameron Highlands Weather

The cold weather here would be the best attraction as you get to escape the heat and dry days of other cities and towns. Ensure that you have extra clothing as it can be quite chilly at night. Cameron Highlands has the temperate climate all year round. The day time temperature ranges from 21°C to 26°C, and the temperature in night time might go down to about 15°C. The coldest time of the year is between December and February where the temperature can drop to about 10°C at night. Rain is common throughout the year. On the average, there are about 19 rain days a month. Generally there is more rain in the month of September, October, November and December.

People and Races

Cameron Highlands has a healthy mix of people from different races who live harmoniously. About 50% of the people here are Chinese while the Malays make up 40%. The rest are made up of Indians and others including expatriates and the Orang Asli who has been here for several generations.

Cameron Food for all races

One of the most popular dining options here is steamboat. You can opt for the standard gas-powered steamboat or the more unique charcoal style. This will surely be the highlight of the trip as you get to dip in fresh seafood into a boiling pot of tomyam or herbal soup.

There are all types of food available around Cameron Highlands. Be it Indian, Malay or Chinese, you can easily spot these restaurants everywhere you go. The Nik Ikan Bakar in Brinchang is one that offers great halal grilled fish. If you are looking for halal food, you can find them anywhere. Meanwhile, you can enjoy snacks like strawberry desserts at most cafes and coffee houses.

Travel & Tour companies

There are several tour companies around Cameron Highlands that can help you in making arrangements for sightseeing and other attractions. This includes the likes of Hill Top Travel and Tours and the Golden Highlands Adventure Holidays. You can go for the Mossy Forest Adventure or any of the many half-day or full-day packages to locations like the Boh Tea Plantations, the Bee Farms and others.

Misc Shops in Cameron

You will be able to find all types of public services and shops around Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Mobile phone shops are easily available where you can buy prepaid top-ups while there is a Celcom shop in Tanah Rata. Meanwhile, you can find shops like Kumar Electronics and Sear Radio and TV for your electrical needs. There are insurance agents in the towns that offer all types of financial services including MCIS Zurich and others or you can go for reflexology in Aroma Cameron Reflexology. The Optik Cameron in Brinchang provides basic optical services while you can find one in Tanah Rata operated under Yes Optical.

Sports Activities

There are several options when it comes to sports. The Cameron Golf Course is one of the best places you can go to enjoy this game. In Strawberry Park, there is a swimming pool while you can find one in the major resorts and hotels as well. In Tringkap, you can find an ATV or go for nature’s best in jungle trekking and hiking which is available from Tanah Rata. Otherwise, you can enjoy a game of badminton at the public courts in Tanah Rata.

History of Cameron Highlands

In 1885,William Cameron, a British government Surveyor, discovered a plateau at an elevation of 4500 -5600 feet above sea level. He then brought this part of Pahang into History,thus naming it the Cameron Highlands. From 1896 – 1902, the narrow path to the Highlands was widened and improved. Meanwhile surveys were carried out to identify the actual plateau in this area.

In 1925, Sir George Maxwell paid a visit and its was then decided that the Cameron Highlands, which is situated in the present Tanah Rata and Brinchang areas, be developed into a Hill Station. Between 1926 – 1931 this area was zoned into areas reserved for the Department of Agriculture, Township and Residential Sites, Aras of Services, National Park, General Adminstration and Recreational areas.

After the Japanese occupation interest to develop further was revived but progress until the 1960s was hindered due to Emergency.After the termination of the Emergency, the Hill Station was carefully developed into a popular resort which not only attracted local tourists but overseas tourists as well.

Cameron Highlands would then be zoned into areas reserved for the Department of Agriculture, Township and Residential Sites, Areas of Services, National Park, General Administration and Recreational between 1926 and 1931. The Second World War came about and all development was put on hold during the Japanese occupation. This would then be revived after the war but had to be put on hold again in in the 1960s because of the Malayan Emergency. It was only after that dark period that Cameron Highlands continued to enjoy development into becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia today.

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