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Getting to Cameron Highlands

Travelling to Cameron Highlands is possible only by land. You can take the Tapah road which is most common but it can sometimes be quite challenging. This one and a half hour trip requires you to be very alert throughout as there are a lot of sharp and dangerous turns.

On the other hand, you can use the newer Simpang Pulai Highway which is better. Bypass the Tapah toll exit and use the Simpang Pulai option which is about 30 minutes further where you will come in through the opposite direction of Cameron Highlands. This way is safer and the infrastructure is better.

Driving around in Cameron Highlands

One thing for sure, you need to be quite skilful and experience to drive around Cameron Highlands. During the wet season, landslides are constantly being reported and you need to be careful. The peak season is during long weekends and school holidays. That is when you will experience extreme traffic conditions.

Going around on foot

Going around on foot will be perfect during the holiday in Cameron Highlands mainly because it is a peak season. This is when there will be massive traffic congestion from one end to another, often totally up to hours. From Brinchang to Tanah Rata or Kea Farm, it will take about 15 minutes drive but the jam could last up to 2 hours.

Hence, if you are up for some walking, going around on foot can be quite relaxing under the cool weather and beautiful surroundings along the way. Furthermore, the shops and restaurants in Tanah Rata and Brinchang close later in the evenings. In Tanah Rata, the Starbucks Coffee outlet actually operates until midnight which is perfect for a cup of coffee as well.

Cameron Bus and Taxi Services

The Bus Terminal Freesia is the main transportation hub here. All the express buses coming from other parts of the country will stop here which is in the heart of Tanah Rata. Freesia is where you can find public bus operations and taxi services to get around in Cameron Highlands.

At the terminal, you will find several bus operators like Kurnia Bistari, GT Express, Unititi Express and CS Travel that provide you with services between cities. If you are looking for public bus services, you can find the hourly vehicles at about RM1.50 one way. It must be noted though that these services can sometimes be quite inconsistent and you might end up having to wait a bit longer for the bus to arrive.

For taxis, the Freesia Bus Terminal is a good place to start. Over in Brinchang meanwhile, there is a main taxi stand located in the heart of the town centre. You can however flag a taxi at most locations but take note that these vehicles usually do not go on meters.

To be assured, you can book taxi services in advance. Starting from about RM25 per hour per vehicle, you can engage the operators to take you to the attractions around Cameron Highlands.

Shuttle Van

Another option to get around in Cameron Highlands is to use shuttle vans. These vehicles are usually operated by travel agents, hotels and some independent service providers. They usually provide 11-seater vans which would be perfect if you are coming here with a small group of friends or family members.

Most of the operators provide the service that starts from pick-up from nearby towns. They will pick you up at the stipulated town or city, airport or train stations and ferry you here. For instance, a trip from Kuala Lumpur on the 11-seater van will be around RM900.00. This will ensure that your transportation needs are well taken care of and you need not have to find additional services upon arriving here.

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Cameron Highlands Towns

Kampung Raja

This is the northermost town and is the first spot if you are coming in from the Simpang Pulai exit. From here, you can use the intersection to go into Kampung Baru or make your way down south into the main towns of Cameron Highlands. Kampung Raja has a sleepy aura to it but it has several farms and interesting places to visit like Blue Valley.

Kuala Terla

After passing Kampung Raja, you will come to Kuala Terla. It is another town here where you will find the Cameron Valley Tea House nearby.


Tringkap is a small town not far from Kuala Terla. This is where you can find Rose Valley, one of the very popular rose gardens in Cameron Highlands. In Tringkap, you can find some exciting activities including ATV rides and such.

Kea Farm

Kea Farm is one of the major towns in Cameron Highlands. It is towards the norther part of the region further up from Brinchang. Kea Farm has some of top tourist attractions like the Butterfly Farm, Butterfly Garden and the Honey Bee Farm. Meanwhile, the Rose Centre is not far from the main town area as well.

Brinchang Town

brinchang cameron highlands
This is the most prominent town in the entire Cameron Highlands. Housing the main commercial area of the hill station, most tourists will come here because there are a lot of budget hotels. Besides that, you can find a wide range of steamboat restaurants, fast food outlets and police station. The very famous Pasar Malam is located here as well.

From Brinchang, most tourists will find a lot of convenience stores and travel agents. This is where they can organize and arrange day trips to the nearby tourist spots like farms, tea plantations and many more.

Tanah Rata town

If you are coming by public transport, you will stop at Tanah Rata. It is the administrative town of Cameron Highlands. Most of the government public offices are located here. At Tanah Rata, you will find many banks and post offices.

Apart from that, there are medical centres, clinics and the Tourism Bureau as well. From Tanah Rata, you can make your way to the nearby attractions via public transport which is easily available from the main bus terminal at the town centre. Besides that, you can find a lot of restaurants and cafes here too.


This is the southernmost town which is the first you will come across if you reach via the Tapah road. The Lata Iskandar waterfalls is located around here. There are several shops in Ringlet and The Lakehouse is the only hotel here.

Bertam Valley

This town is around the eastern part of Cameron Highlands. It is through this town that vehicles are lead towards the likes of Kuala Lipis and Kuantan which will lead towards the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Bertam Valley mainly houses villages and has been exposed to landslides recently.

Smaller Towns

There has been several smaller townships which have been built and developed around Cameron Highlands in recent years. This includes the likes of LBS Golden Hills, LBS Barrington Homes and Batu 33. Basically, small towns like these are quite self-sufficient as they have their own amenities and services.

The towns usually have a few primary schools, their own places of worship while there are shops that house car workshops and restaurants. You will find most of these towns located between Tanah Rata and Brinchang for accessibility and convenience.

Orang Asli Village

The Orang Asli Village or Aborigine’s Village is on Tapah Road around Tanah Rata. It is where you will find the original community of people here who are still living in their own self-sufficient systems and lifestyle. They still practice old methods of living passed down for generations and visit are opened for tourists and visitors.

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