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There is nothing more fulfilling than having to enjoy a hot pot of steamboat meal in the cool weather of Cameron Highlands. Set amidst the lush and beautiful surroundings of the highlands of Pahang, you will appreciate the best of nature while enjoying the sumptuous steamboat soup with the freshest dishes around.

Steamboat in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is one of the best places to go if you want to try a bit of every type of Malaysian food. What makes it more satisfying here is that you can find almost every type of cuisine here. One of the most unique types of food here is steamboat. Most of the steamboat restaurants here serve a variety of Chinese cooked dishes as well.

nasi lemak CameronCheck out the steamboat buffet meal where you can eat all you want and choose the items to dip into the hot and boiling pot of soup. Choose among the different types of soup that include tomyam, herbal or chicken recipes. Besides that, you can try out the charcoal steamboat where you can enjoy a unique style of dining using charcoal-fired soup through a tall funnel in the middle.

If you are looking for halal food, there are a lot of options located around the town areas. You can find a lot of curry houses that serve a variety of spicy dishes in Tanah Rata and Brinchang. This is where you will find both South Indian and Indian Muslim shops like the Singh Chappati and the Suria Restaurant.

Meanwhile, there are several Malay shops available including the Fauzi Steamboat restaurant sandwiched within a row of shops in Brinchang town. If you are looking for good Malay food, head out to the Tanah Rata Food Court just adjacent with HSBC Bank’s row of shops where you can find some great Nasi Lemak there.

Cameron Halal Restaurants

Cameron Highlands is a haven for good food. This is a great place to savour the local delights and delicacies as well as some traditional snacks and meals like steamboat and ikan bakar. This is why visitors to Cameron Highlands are always spoilt for choice when it comes to dining and it is the same for Muslim visitors where there are a lot of halal restaurants around the major towns.

Nik Ikan Bakar Located in Brinchang town, Nik Ikan Bakar is an affordable and great halal place to dine if you are looking for grilled fish cooked using some traditional home recipe that includes their very own Tomyam soup or you can try other items in the extensive menu as well.

Fauzi Visit Fauzi Tomyam and Halal Steamboat in Brinchang if you are looking to try out and enjoy this unique dining experience which comes with halal soup, fresh vegetables and a wide range of seafood. Besides that, you can order a la carte items to try other meals as well.

Restoran Naimah 1Malaysia Located in a corner lot in Brinchang, this place offers a myriad of halal food that includes their very own nasi goreng, among others.

Sri Ammani Restaurant This restaurant is located in Brinchang town where it takes up a corner shop lot where you can find a lot of local dishes like roti canai, nasi goreng, fried noodles and others. Sri Maju Briyani An Indian-Muslim restaurant here, this place serves all types of halal food which comes with a cosy and comfortable environment.

Restoran Idaman AIkae Masakan Thai You must try out their homemade and original tomyam dishes here which are among the local favourites. Located in Brinchang, there are a lot of other dishes to choose from which are mostly Thai recipes that will surely give you a satisfying meal available throughout the day.

Restoran Sri Brinchang This place is known for its south-Indian halal dishes where you can choose from a variety of curries. You can try out their tandoori chicken served with Naan and many other dishes which are tastefully and meticulously prepared for a great dining experience.

Restoran Kumar This is where you can enjoy a great meal of banana leave rice. Just sit back and wait to be served where the staff will bring you all types of spices to take with white rice. If you like, you can always add more items to your meal or even go for the chapatti with curry, naan with chicken tandoori and many others.

Restoran Cempaka This halal restaurant is actually located at the Star Regency Apartment where you will be welcomed with the aromatic fragrance of the spices used in cooking the Indian dishes.  Choose between any of the south Indian dishes here where you can try out their Banana Leaf rice served with a lot of different combinations, Thosai, Naan, Roti Canai and a whole list of different types of curries available.

Restoran Keriskemas – Another popular halal restaurant where Muslims can comfortably enjoy a meal or two, choosing between the many items available in the menu while enjoying the beautiful sights and weather of Cameron Highlands.

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